Ford Tentative Agreement Highlights 2019: What You Need to Know

After months of negotiations, Ford`s leadership and the United Auto Workers (UAW) finally reached a tentative agreement on October 30th, 2019. The new contract proposal covers around 55,000 UAW workers and, once ratified, will set the standard for the auto industry.

Here are the main highlights of the Ford tentative agreement:

1. Wage Increases

Under the proposed contract, Ford workers will receive a series of wage increases. Most of the workers will receive a 3% raise each year of the four-year contract, while workers hired after 2007 will receive up to 29% increase in pay over the life of the agreement.

2. Bonus Payments

In addition to wage increases, the agreement includes bonus payments. Ford workers who met or exceeded their quality targets or performed other tasks related to new vehicle launches will receive a $9,000 bonus payment.

3. Healthcare Benefits

The proposed contract maintains the current healthcare coverage for workers with no premiums and no deductibles. However, workers hired after 2007 will now have to contribute to their healthcare costs.

4. Job Security

The proposed agreement includes a commitment to invest $6 billion in U.S. manufacturing facilities, which is expected to create or retain around 8,500 jobs. The contract also includes a commitment to transfer some production work from Mexico to the United States. Additionally, the agreement includes an early retirement package and a commitment to fill any vacancies with current employees.

5. Protecting Temporary Workers

The proposed agreement includes a path to full-time employment for temporary workers who have worked for three years or more. These workers will receive a $6,000 bonus payment and will be able to join the UAW as full-time members.

6. Improvements to Working Conditions

The proposed agreement includes various improvements to working conditions. These include more time off, additional breaks during the workday, and a commitment to reduce the use of mandatory overtime.

In Conclusion

The Ford tentative agreement highlights several key provisions that will benefit both the company and the workers. Wage increases and bonus payments will help workers earn more money, while job security provisions will help ensure that the manufacturing facilities remain open and productive. The agreement also shows that both Ford and the UAW are committed to working together to create a better future for workers in the auto industry.