WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



Going to Birmingham to start a new journey

VaperExpo UK is the largest and most influential e-cigarette exhibition in the UK. It is also the fastest growing and currently the largest e-cigarette exhibition of its kind. The VaperExpo UK in Birmingham has a total area of 20,000 square meters and attracts more than 300 exhibitors. As the first stop of this year’s overseas exhibition, in Birmingham, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, we felt the enthusiasm from the British exhibition for the first time.

On May 27, TIKOBAR appeared in Birmingham with disposable and refillable products. Fans and big coffee gathered at the scene and started a wonderful atomization experience. Each product has its own unique selling point to meet the different needs of foreign players.

The TIKOBAR booth has a distinctive style and is highly recognizable. It is pure and simple, yet youthful and agile. In the design, the unique trendy elements of the brand are integrated, and the product and personality are perfectly integrated. This time, many partners from home and abroad have cordially communicated with the person in charge of the brand at the TIKOBAR booth, tasted cigarettes on the spot, played freely, and reshaped the tide-level energy, so sexy.

Fighting for love, setting off a new wave, awakening blood, maverick but not alone. Although the three-day VaperExpo UK exhibition has come to an end, TIKOBAR will gather strength and start a new journey.

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