Warranty Period


90 days from the date of purchase as shown on your invoice, or 90 days from the date of manufacture if no invoice is available for reference,
for equipment in the Bullet Exchange product.

Disposables and Smoke Shells

The disposable products and the smoke cartridges in the bullet replacement kit are consumables and are not covered by warranty after use.
Please do not refuel returns if there are quality issues upon receipt.


Problems caused by man-made damage and misuse are not covered by the warranty. Any hardware disassembly, modification of the consequences are
their own responsibility, the warranty is invalid.


A: Our disposable electronic cigarette products are independently developed by the company and have intellectual property rights, providing customers with complete product protection. There is a strict control process in the production process to ensure that the factory pass rate reaches 100%. The main electronic component of the disposable electronic cigarette is the battery. We use pure cobalt A-grade battery for environmental protection and energy saving. The appearance of the product can be customized according to customer needs, including various surface treatments such as anodizing, stickers, oil injection, and electroplating. There are also a variety of options for the selection of the number of ports, from the battery capacity to the resistance value of the heating wire, various port numbers can be combined (from 200 ports to 1500 ports)

A: The cartridge-replaceable electronic cigarette products use popular styles and trendy color schemes for cigarette rods, and the product types are rich. The control chip provides options from simple charging control to marquee, power display, vibration and other functions. The pod uses our company’s HYCOON superconducting cotton technology, and the pure natural organic cotton core heating wire has a pure taste and a high degree of reduction. The HYCOON patented technology carried by the pod mainly solves the risk of oil leakage and condensation problems. At present, the sales volume of pods has reached more than one million since it was launched in December last year. It is a product with excellent taste experience.

A: Usually, the delivery time we reply to customers is 100% accurate. We strictly follow the standard production process and effectively control the time node of each link. Generally, the delivery time for new customers is 20-25 days, from the second The delivery time is 15 days from the beginning of the next order.

A: Our company’s products currently have relevant certifications, among which ESMA is for the Middle East market, TPD certification is mainly for the European market, and TER is for the Kuwait market.

A: One-time customized single flavor starts from 10,000 pieces, and the total order is not less than 50,000 pieces; 20,000 pieces for the reloadable mainframe (no more than 4 body appearance colors, and the number of customization increases for each additional color) by 5,000 pieces , the customized quantity of pods is not less than 200,000. The specific quantity can be determined according to the actual contract quantity and unit price after the project is submitted for discussion according to the quality of the customer.)

A: Because it is impossible to return or exchange products overseas, our company’s products are sent overseas. When there is a quality problem, customers can submit video, pictures and other evidence, and we will replenish the products according to the same quantity.


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