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How long can disposable vape last?

In recent years, electronic devices are developing portability, and vape are no exception. Disposable vape are becoming a trend sweeping the world because they are lighter and less costly. Still, those who have not used disposable vape yet may have many questions about them, such as what a disposable e-cigarette is and how long a disposable e-cigarette lasts. In this article, we will answer some questions about disposable vape.

tokibar disposable vape

What is a disposable e-cigarette?

A disposable e-cigarette is a compact and lightweight e-cigarette device that contains an integrated battery and enclosed e-cigarette cartridge pre-filled with different concentrations of flavored nicotine salt e-cigarette oil. Maintenance-free, disposable e-cigarette devices seem the perfect choice if you want to enjoy your e-cigarette without the hassle of refilling, cleaning and recharging. Each device has a specific number of vaping sessions, which will vary from brand to brand, and from model to model in terms of the number of sessions and the time available. However, because they contain battery components, it is important to pay attention to how you dispose of them after use and not throw them away to avoid pollution of the environment.

Tikobar vapes use flavored nicotine e-liquids with a variety of different series and flavors for the user to choose from, allowing the user to experience a smooth throat hit with each vaping session and a fast and powerful nicotine boost that brings a convenient sense of satisfaction. Our disposable e-cigarette series include Tikobar Box, Tikobar EVO, Tikobar LUX, Tikobar POLY, and Tikobar COLO 5 series. More series will be launched later.

How do I use a disposable e-cigarette?

vape have never been more accessible, and these little numbers are perfect for new smokers who want to transition to the world of vape. Disposable vape pens have an auto-vape feature, which means there is no ignition button to activate the device, just a puff through the mouthpiece to activate the vaping. Each puff activates an MTL (mouth-to-lung) style airflow reminiscent of cigarette-style smoking, without the smoke, of course! This simulated smoking sensation is also a significant reason why disposable vape pens can be so popular.

How long do disposable vape last?

Since disposable vape cannot be refilled, there is a time when they will run out of use, so how long can disposable vape last? For some people, the lifespan (number of puffs) of a disposable e-cigarette is the most important criterion for purchasing an e-cigarette. How long a disposable e-cigarette lasts depends on how often you vape, the battery capacity of the e-cigarette itself, and the capacity of the pre-loaded cartridges. Generally, disposable vape have an estimated number of puffs and battery capacity on their packaging.

The following are the vaping frequencies of different Tikobar disposable e-cigarette series, which you can refer to.

Tikobar Box: Up to 6000 puffs

Tikobar EVO: 4500 puffs

Tikobar LUX: up to 2500 puffs

Tikobar POLY: 800 puffs

Tikobar COLO: Up to 6,000 puffs

What is the best disposable vape pen?

When choosing the best disposable vape pen, you must consider your preferred number of puffs, battery capacity, nicotine strength, and flavor. With low device costs and great value for money, the Tikobar Box and Tikobar COLO series can take up to 6,000 puffs, with up to 10+ flavors to choose from, giving you a great taste and inhalation experience. They are the best disposable e-cigarette products for the money.

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