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Is It Bad to Hit a Vape While Charging?

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes or vapes continues to grow, vape manufacturers are improving the functionality and safety of their products. One of the most significant improvements is pass-through technology, which allows users to vape while their device is charging. However, some vapers are unsure if vaping is safe while charging. This article will discuss the benefits and potential risks of hitting a vape while charging.

What is Pass-Through Technology?

Pass-through technology is a recent innovation that enables vapers to use their devices while charging. The technology uses regulating circuits to match the draw of energy required to power the device to the amps being drawn from the power source. This technology is possible because of a chipset controlling how much power is sent to the battery. The chip ensures that the charging speed is optimized and that power to the battery is cut once it is fully charged.

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Is It Safe to Vape While Charging?

Vaping while charging is generally safe, thanks to the built-in protections in the battery. However, ensuring that your battery is not compromised and you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging and handling batteries is crucial. Many lithium-ion batteries in e-cigs have exploded; about 80% of these incidents occurred while charging.

If your device uses external batteries, it is not advisable to vape while charging. Most devices with integrated batteries now feature pass-through technology, which ensures that vaping while charging is safe.

Will Vaping While Charging Damage Your Battery?

Vaping while charging can stress your battery more, reducing its lifespan. The process involves charging for a few minutes, then discharging for a few seconds, and repeating this cycle. This means that your battery takes longer to charge, which can cause excess heat to build up. Excess heat is the most likely cause of damage to lithium-ion batteries.

While the built-in safety protections in your battery and device can moderate power transfers, they cannot guarantee the longevity of your battery. If your battery or its safety protections are compromised, vaping while charging could trigger an issue.

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Should You Avoid Vaping While Charging?

It is best to avoid vaping while charging, as it can reduce the lifespan of your battery. However, pass-through technology is a useful innovation that saves you from waiting for your device to charge fully. Investing in a spare device or battery can limit your time vaping while charging. Alternatively, you can choose an e-cig with a larger battery capacity to keep you vaping all day.

While there hasn’t been enough research to determine the implications of vaping while charging, it is generally safe, provided you take care of your battery. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging and handling batteries and avoid compromising your battery.


Although with the continuous development of e-cigarette technology, the battery design applied to e-cigarettes has greatly improved safety, we still do not recommend vaping during the charging process because there is always a certain safety risk.

Use of electronic cigarettes, we must first read the product manual that comes with the product, strictly comply with the rules of use therein, and not arbitrarily carry out other dangerous violations. Product safety manuals are available from reliable e-cigarette brands, such as TIkobar. Each vape product has a safety manual to help customers use e-cigarette products correctly and safely.

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