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The Pros and Cons of Vape

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, people’s evaluation of them has been mixed. Some people feel they can help quit smoking and are less harmful than ordinary cigarettes. Some people feel that electronic cigarettes can also make people addicted and more harmful than ordinary cigarettes. Which view is correct in the end? Until now, no party can ultimately convince the other side. But one image we can notice is the growing trend of people smoking vape, probably because they feel more trendy, have more flavors, and are more portable.

Although we cannot fully clarify whether vaping is harmful, for those interested in trying it, we can provide you with a detailed overview of the benefits and disadvantages of vaping to help you better determine whether you want to start using them.

pros and cons of vape

Pros of vape

1. Considered safer than smoking

Most e-cigarette advocates see vaping as a safer and better alternative to traditional smoking. This is because vape use e-liquids or e-juice that do not have all of the carcinogenic elements that cigarette sticks have.

However, this is not to say that vaping is 100% safe. The e-liquids you use to smoke vape may still contain traces of carcinogens, although in much lower amounts than traditional cigarettes. There are many brands of vape on the market today, and to ensure safety and reliability, you should be limited to picking a reliable brand, such as Tikobar.

2. It helps curb smoking addiction

Many people are trying to quit smoking for the first time using a vape. Vapes offer a new option for people who want to quit smoking but have no other way. On the other hand, even if you use nicotine patches to reduce your smoking addiction, being around smokers can still cause you to pick up old habits.

Vaping offers all the dynamics of smoking without cigarettes. The fact that vaping can completely replace cigarettes is the key to reducing the need for users to smoke. Over time, the vape can be a significant factor in helping people quit smoking.

3. No secondhand smoke

One of the biggest dangers of smoking is the danger it poses to the smoker and anyone who inhales secondhand smoke nearby. Many people, including medical professionals, believe that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than smoking. With vaping, there is no such secondhand smoke.

Those who inhale the vapor from e-cigarette devices are not at risk. However, it is still highly recommended to smoke vape outdoors to ensure that they do not cause harm to those around you. Aerosols produced by e-cigarette devices may still raise the concentration of certain harmful elements in indoor spaces.

In addition, tiny particles of harmful substances can be inhaled into the lungs. In the long run, this may be harmful to respiratory health. Therefore, to prevent this, smoking vaping outdoors is still a better practice.

tikobar vape

Cons of Vape

1. There is a potential risk of leading young people to smoke

the vape was initially designed to allow people who were smoking to slowly turn to vaping and thus quit traditional cigarettes. Still, with the popularity of vaping, some people who have started smoking vaping are primarily teenagers. These users exposed to vaping from the beginning will instead become interested in regular cigarettes after smoking vaping, and there is a danger of turning to traditional cigarettes. The hidden danger.

Notably, this forms the beginning of two addictions – there are now two forms of smoking. In this case, whatever advantages vaping may have over smoking are now irrelevant.

2. Potentially addictive

The second disadvantage of vaping arises when you use an e-cigarette oil that still contains nicotine. This fact is worth emphasizing because not all e-liquids contain nicotine. A vape that contains nicotine is equally addictive, so you need to read the packaging details of the e-cigarette carefully when picking one to see if it contains nicotine and the nicotine content, and make sure it is what you want before you buy it.

3. Attracting the wrong crowd

One of the big issues surrounding vaping is its overwhelming appeal to teens. Compared to smoking cigarettes, the vape can be too tempting. The sleek design of vape and the variety of fruit flavors to choose from, all of these designs have become attractive to teens, making vaping very popular among the younger generation. This popularity has become a concern in the eyes of many parents because it could become an addictive product for a new generation of young people, so many websites and stores that sell e-cigarette products set age limits on who can visit and buy them, requiring 18 or 21 years of age to purchase.


The development of vaping is no longer in its infancy. While there are still concerns about the potential for addiction, there is no denying that it also meets the needs of many smokers who want to quit traditional cigarettes. Therefore, as a vape manufacturer, we need to clarify its pros and cons to our customers to help them make a better choice and do an excellent job of guiding the youth to prevent minors from smoking vape too early.

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